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Established Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers Help Families Move Forward

Turtle Creek firm handles property and custody conflicts when marriages end

Divorce can upend every part of your life, affecting not only your family but also your finances, your home life, and even your health and well-being. At Chontos & Chontos, we understand the toll divorce can take on clients, and we draw upon our knowledge and experience to help navigate divorcing spouses toward a positive outcome. From our Turtle Creek office, we help people throughout Western Pennsylvania manage custody, property and support disputes so they can restart on a firm foundation. Whether the breakup is amicable or highly contentious, we handle the legal details so that your rights are not compromised while you focus on your family and future.

Strong legal support for child custody and visitation matters

For any parent of a minor child, the most important aspect of a divorce is securing custody and visitation arrangements that allow the child to thrive and maintain strong parental bonds. Chontos & Chontos assists parents with:

  • Legal and residential custody — We will help set appropriate terms relating to decision-making authority for the child (legal custody) and where they live (residential custody).
  • Factors reviewed by the court — It is usually preferable for parents to agree on custody arrangements, but if arguing before a judge is required, we will craft a detailed presentation concerning the child’s best interests.
  • Visitation arrangements — Unless there is a safety concern, noncustodial parents should have ample, meaningful time with their kids.

We realize that your child’s well-being is paramount and strongly advocate for a resolution that meets that standard.

Enabling spouses to obtain a fair division of marital assets and debts

Both assets and debts accumulated during a marriage are divided when the marriage is dissolved. Pennsylvania law calls for equitable division, a determination based on what the court thinks is fair, but that division does not necessarily result in an even split. At Chontos & Chontos, we advocate for clients to help them obtain a truly equitable distribution and also clarify assets that qualify as separate property such as inheritances left to one spouse.

Advising clients on pre- and post-divorce spousal support

Pennsylvania maintains a strict set of guidelines for spousal support payments between the time the parties have separated and the final judgment of divorce. Once someone has filed for divorce, alimony pendente lite is usually set based on a statutory calculation factoring in the spouses’ income and whether they have children. This runs through the marriage’s dissolution, when a rate can be set for a certain period of time or as an open-ended obligation. Unlike judges in many states, judges in Pennsylvania can factor in spousal misconduct, such as an affair, when making a post-divorce support decision. Other factors can include each party’s age, health, assets, earning ability and contributions to the household, such as child care. Chontos & Chontos will prepare and deliver a full accounting and advocate for a fair result in spousal support.

Advocating for appropriate child support rates

Child support is a legal obligation for a noncustodial parent even if they were never wed to their partner. Support evaluations are based on factors such as each parent’s income and the share of child care that each provides. Our experienced attorneys can help ensure that the court has complete, accurate information and that potential income is counted if a parent is intentionally earning less than they can, in an attempt to avoid their financial responsibility.

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